It’s been 2 months since my last post. I have been very busy working on projects & playing video games (yay!).

In the past, I used to play a LOT on my computer, mostly Minecraft, FPS & strategic games. When I’ve joined the software engineering license, I’ve decided to focus 100% on my work.

My idea was simple:

I will focus all my free time on learning things & making projects, so that one day I’ll create the project of my life, that will allow me to live from it.

That was my motto: focus on learning & building things so that later, I’ll be able to work for myself, and then start having more free time to play video games, learn new things, travel, etc…

Don’t get me wrong. I.T is really my favorite hobby. I love building projects, create applications, learn new things every-day, solve problems, learn new languages, try new frameworks… It’s more than a job, it’s my passion.

Despite that, I’m not a robot (I think?) sometimes, I need a break in order to be productive again. Sometimes I need to spend time playing video games, Airsoft, going in the forest to camp, etc… That’s something I haven’t really done for two years. (except spending time with my gf).

This quarantine gave me a lot of free time to think: maybe I was missing one of the best part of my life, I haven’t met a lof of friends lately, haven’t had a lof of fun, … Maybe while trying to reach my dream, I was missing what really matters:

the present moment.

What will happen then?

Nothing will really change, I’ll spend more time entertaining, and less but better time working on new things. An article regarding the migration of my blog (finally serverless) will be published soon.

Speaking of projects, I have a big one incoming, more details to come…

Happy hacking!